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Broken tooth or dental trauma

A broken tooth or a dental trauma is an injury to one or several teeth as a result of accidental actions that can cause the fracture or the loss of one or more teeth. Normally, the most affected parts are usually the upper incisors, since due to their situation in the mouth are the most prominent parts of the face.

The blows, falls, or shocks that can lead to dental trauma occur in both the temporary dentition and the permanent dentition. The consequences of the injuries vary according to the type of tooth and the affectation that has suffered, but in any case there is an aspect in common for all types of injuries: the need to act quickly so that the prognosis of traumatized teeth is the as good as possible
Types of dental trauma and Affordable Dental Treatment Houston

Dental trauma can affect teeth very differently. The less important fractures are those that only present the loss of a portion of the enamel and can be solved with the rounding of the teeth or the reconstruction by means of adhesive material.

When dentin is affected, it should be protected to avoid discomfort and hypersensitivity. Subsequently, the tooth will be reconstructed with composite or even with a sheath or crown, depending on the degree of destruction it has suffered. Emergency Dental Treatment Houston

If the trauma affects the enamel and the dentine exposing the dental pulp, our dentists place an element that stimulates the repair of the pulp before restoring the piece. These lesions may also imply the need to apply endodontic treatment.

Trauma can also affect the tooth root. In these situations each case will demand a personalized repair that can include endodontics, the placement of a post, and the Broken Tooth Treatment of the gums and the restoration of the piece.

But Emergency Dental Care Houston traumatisms do not always break the tooth. Sometimes they cause a dislocation or even their avulsion, when the tooth leaves its alveolus, being a much compromised situation. In these cases, the success of its relocation depends on the speed of action, so it is recommended to reimplantar it quickly by a Broken Tooth Repair Dentist, or in his absence, by a responsible person (this should not be done in case the tooth is temporary).

The way to do it will be to rinse the tooth with water without rubbing while I hold it by the crown and then place it inside the socket. After this placement you should go quickly to a dental clinic or, in your absence, to Tooth Repair Dentist Houston an emergency center.

What to do in traumas in temporary teeth

Like any other treatment that Dentist Office Houston TX apply to the temporary teeth, the procedure after its trauma will have as main objective to preserve the correct development of the permanent tooth. The situations that can occur are multiple, but in our Emergency Dentistry Near Me a dental clinic we have observed that in the majority of cases, better results are obtained if the lapse of time between the trauma and the attention is as short as possible. In cases of avulsion, the tooth should not be replaced.

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